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warren tv ad

about Warren & the tv community service announcement

Warren TV AdCCF is proud to present its fourth television Community Service Announcement, with Warren, the research rabbit.

At the time of production, this CSA was unlike anything undertaken by an animal rights organisation before, with world-class production values and a poignant and stirring message – Warren has been convicted without trial, tortured, and sentenced to death.

It is a visually remarkable achievement and will linger in the minds of viewers for years to come.

The CSA was written and directed by Robert Lorrigan, of Lost Puppet Project. “I think most of us in the broader community have some idea that animal testing has or still does go on, though probably think of it as something that’s in the main a thing of the past,” Robert said.

“I thought there had to be a new way of expressing this problem to a broad TV audience to make it seem like a current problem (hopefully, if the TV networks support it).

With the massive success of 3D movies in the past years, I figured it just had to be explored – if I could find the support. You can connect with an audience on a real human character level, something raw footage doesn’t do. You can push the elements of fiction, emotion, endearment and still end up presenting a story that represents the truth.

“You can just get away with so much more from both a story and execution point of view. Fingers crossed it will raise some attention.”

Warren TV AdRobert collaborated with 3D graphic artist Rob Kiely to create a chilling vision of a terrifying life through the eyes of a laboratory animal.

“While we discussed and looked at much reference material to develop a plan to create this world, from the outset Rob seemed to instantly understand what I was hoping to achieve.

He understood the emotional opportunity of Warren’s character to connect, and the aesthetic potential of the extreme world – within the medium of a TV commercial.

We set out to make Warren into a cool relatable outsider. Rob’s unique artistic abilities and experience in 3D animation have brought this project to life.”

Rob Kiely has been a 3D animator for the past ten years. Rob was excited to report that his entry was a 2008 Tropfest short film finalist this year.

Warren TV Ad“When I read the script I just knew I had to do it. I’m a vegetarian animal lover and being able to do something work-related that I really believe in doesn’t happen often.

When this came up I just had to find a way to fit it in to my busy work schedule, and I clicked with Robert and June straight away. ” Rob said.

The CSA was offered to all Australian free-to-air and pay channels.

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