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the animals

we are here for the animals

Approximately 200,000 animals suffer and die for cosmetics worldwide each year, including guinea pigs, hamsters, rats and mice.

The resources shared here are presented in a way that you can read more about the issues, the animals, the tests and the alternatives. We tell it how it is when it comes to experiments conducted on these innocent, sentient animals, but we do give warning about any content that may be particularly graphic.

Palm oil: collaboration with the International Palm Oil Free Certification Accreditation Programme

Australian statistics: just how many animals are used in teaching and research each year in this country?

Rabbits 101: learn about the natural behaviour of our rabbit friends

Check out the free publications to download and share! These are a great way to introduce classmates, friends, family and colleagues to the issue of animal-tested cosmetics. You may be surprised how many people think that their toothpaste and shampoo is cruelty-free!

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