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psa – is that cruelty free?

this very engaging public service announcement by self-taught filmmaker Justin Hartwell really caught our eye

Justin has been been producing commercials, music videos and short films since 2002 and has gone back to study to complete a diploma in screen and media. He shares with us a little background to this project:

“I recently had to produce a Public Service Announcement on a topic of my choice. I had been learning about cruelty free products for a while and was shocked to learn about everyday household items that have been subject to animal testing, which I couldn’t figure out why? Car wash? Toothpaste? Perfume? I didn’t understand the need for it, especially when there are so many cruelty free options available.

So I’d hoped to bring awareness to these items as most consumers may not think twice about them, and with my quirky sense of humour, I couldn’t think of a better way to drill the point than have an animal itself, holding a sign, asking the question that we should be asking. Hopefully, it will encourage people to stop for that split second needed to check for a “not tested on animals” logo and make a smarter purchase.”


  • Director/DOP/Editor: Justin Hartwell
  • Cast: Caleb Degen, Justin Hartwell, Robert Steele, Brooke Copson, Verity Grace
  • Producers: Justin Hartwell & Verity Grace
  • Continuity: Kobi Rogers
  • Music by Bensound
  • Costumes courtesy of Spotlight Costume Hire, Gold Coast
  • Special thanks to IGA Coomera  and Animals Australia
  • Published in 2016
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