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look 7 – december 2016

true beauty is choosing cruelty free cosmetics!

Look 7 Jasmine

To re-create this look you will need the following products from INIKA:

Look 8 Jasmine


To create model Jasmine’s stunning sultry look, I used just a few key products in the INIKA cosmetic range.


I started by applying a thin layer of INIKA’s Certified Organic Pure Primer.

Once that had absorbed into the skin, I then used the vegan foundation brush, to buff and blend INIKA Organic Pure Foundation in Honey over the entire face, including the eyelids and made sure to blend the foundation down the neck and well into the hairline.

Then using a small vegan eyeshadow brush, I blended a little bit of the Honey shade of Pure Foundation with the Cream shade of  Pure Foundation. This was used as a concealor over the foundation base to blend away dark circles and also to contour down the middle line of the nose. (It’s super important to blend this lighter concealor shade into the base foundation shade.)

Eyes, Lips & Cheeks

To begin with, using a vegan eyeshadow brush, I brushed over the entire eyelid area INIKA’s Vegan Mineral Eyeshadow in Pink Fetish.

I then wanted to create a tonal connection between the eyes, cheeks and lips, so I used INIKA’s Truly Organic Vegan Lipstick in Captivating as both a blush, on the eyelid socket area and on the lips.

Next using INIKA’s Light Reflecting Highlighting Crème, I highlighted along the cheekbones and subtly in the very inner corner of the eyes.


Then to create model Jasmine’s dramatic defined cat-eye look, I used INIKA’s Certified Organic Black Eyeliner. I drew a defined line along the socket line of the eyelids and winged it outwards and upwards.

Next I drew a smaller winged line along the top of the lashes and then under the lower lashes, so that the two lines connected into the one outer wing.

I blended the lines and softened the all three of the lines edges using a small angled vegan brush.

I also applied the eyeliner along the inside rim of the lower lashes to intensify the look and dabbed some more Pink Fetish Mineral Eyeshadow onto the lower lid area, to give a more contrast to the area between the two upper lid eyeliner lines.


I used the same Organic Black Eyeliner to define the eyebrows, using soft strokes that were then blended into the brow hairs using the small angled vegan brush. The sharper edge of the brush was also used to give the outline of the brows more precise definition.

And the following hair styling products from EverEscents Organic Hair Care:

EverEscents Organic Hair Care


To recreate this elongated quiff-mohawk-deconstructed high bun,  I first primed the hair using EverEscents Organic Hair Care Styling Wax. 

I then section off the middle section along the top of the head and pinned it out of the way.

Then I combed the sides and back of the hair smoothly back to create a mid-height ponytail.

I twisted the ponytail upwards toward the crown of the head and pinned the twisted bit to the crown leaving the rest of the ponytail hanging out. Then the ponytail was teased and pinned to the top of the head.

The front sections where the sectioned off and combed smoothed, then I looped them up and pinned these to create a mass of loops.

To hold the style I used EverEscents Plastic Free Hairspray.

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