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look 6 – november 2016

true beauty is choosing cruelty free cosmetics!

Look 6 Taya

To re-create this look you will need the following products from MOMMA:

Look 6 MOMMA


A sexy cat eye looks stunning on just about anyone, but the trick to really making those eyes pop, is to keep your eye-shadow and lipstick colours, natural, neutral and flattering. 


The first step to creating model Taya’s gorgeous look, is to apply a thin veil of MOMMA’s BB Cream Primer.  I used the medium shade, blending it onto the skin using the MOMMA Flat Top Kabuki Brush. Next, because I wanted a slightly heavier skin coverage, I buffed on (using the Round Kabuki Brush), a mix of MOMMA’s Matte Base Loose Mineral Foundation Powders in Nude Tan and Light Beige.

Cheeks & Contours

To enhance the cheekbones, I lightly under the apples of the cheeks, in the hollows out towards the ears, using the Angled Flat Kabuki Brush and Contour Powder in Hazelnut. Then using the MOMMA Angled Round Kabuki Brush, I swirled Brilliant Rose Mineral Blush, over the apples of the cheeks.


For this look, I actually didn’t use eyeshadow on the lids, but choose to apply just a hint of Brilliant Rose Mineral Blush along model Taya’s socket area using the Mini Round Kabuki Brush.

Next, I defined the brows and softly darkened under the lower lash line, extending this line out slightly into a very fine tip. I did this using MOMMA’s 3-in-1 Mineral Dust in Brunette, applying it with their Angled Brow & Liner Brush.

Now for the winged eyeliner. Applying this was made so easy thanks to MOMMA’s Waterproof Precision Eyeliner Pen in Black. The tip of this pen is like using a pointed felt tip marker.  I simply started from the inner corner of the top lash line, drawing quite finely and then continuing to thicken and wing up the line so it extended up towards the outer corner tip of each eyebrow.

To finish off the eyes, I applied two light coats of MOMMA Mineral Mascara in Black, to both the top and bottom lashes.


To create a really soft, pretty, natural pink pout, I first coated Taya’s lip in MOMMA’s Colour Rich Mineral Lipstick in Sweet Mauve using their Concealor/Lip Brush. I then followed this by brushing MOMMA’s Tinted Lip Butter in Pink Tint over the top, to add just a touch of shine.

These products from Kester Black:

Kester Black


I chose two gorgeous blue shades from the Kester Black vegan nail polish collection and alternated them for a touch of fun.

And the following hair styling products from EverEscents Organic Hair Care:

EverEscents Organic Hair Care


To create model Taya’s healthy, flowing locks, I started by working a tiny amount of EverEscents Organic Hair Care’s Thermal Serum through the mid-lengths and ends of Taya’s hair.  I then brushed out the hair and ensured the product was distributed evenly.

Next, I took a small amount of EverEscents Universal Styling Cream and massaged this through the hair and brushed through once again.  Then I took random sections of hair and using a GHD straightening iron, ran down the length of each section, while twisting the GHD around as I glided it down the hair. This technique is done to ensure hair doesn’t end up dead straight and has some movement to it.  I finished off by taking a minuscule amount of EverEscents Styling Wax and rubbing it between my palms, to warm it up. I then got Taya to hang her head backwards and I ran my hands gently through her hair, concentrating more on the ends.

By using this technique, you are able to strand out the hair and create more, texture, movement and shine.

I finished off with a light mist of EverEscents Plastic Free Hairspray.

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