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look 12 – november 2017

true beauty is choosing cruelty free cosmetics!

Look 12 November 2017 Look 12 November 2017

Products donated by Designer BrandsLiving NatureMOMMASynergie SkinZuii Organic and EverEscents Organic Hair Care
Hair and Make-up – Nicole Groch
Photographer – Andrew Raszevski
Model – Siobhan @ Brazen Models

To re-create this look you will need the following products from Designer Brands, Living Nature, MOMMA, Synergie Skin and Zuii Organic:

Make UP Cosmetics

And these products from EverEscents Organic Hair Care:

EverEscents Organic Hair Care



Using an eco-friendly, vegan foundation brush, buff on Designer Brands Age Revive Foundation.

As concealor I actually used a lighter shade of Designer Brands Age Revive Foundations.

Swirl over the apples of your cheeks Zuii Organic Flora Blush in Nectar and use from the Zuii Organic Quad Eyeshadow Palette the lightest shimmery shade as a highlighter on upper cheek bones and tips of nose, centre of brow and chin.


To create a clean base for your eye make-up, I used Synergie Skin Matte Eyedration Vanilla Bean Eyeshadow over the entire lid.

Then use a mix of Zuii Organic Quad Eyeshadow Palette and use the rust colour (Grapefruit) to shade across the lower lid and a socket in a straight rectangular and up the temples in a vertical rectangle and then with the darker brown shade in (Chocolate) to apply a smokey vertical line under lower lashes and straight out towards the top of the ear.

I then used MOMMA’s Liquid Eyeliner Pen in brown to create the graduated dot pattern under the lower left eye.

To complete the look I applied a coat of Living Nature Thickening Jet Black Mascara to model Siobhan’s lashes.


Zuii Organic Satin Lip Colour in Perfume was applied to the lips to create a beautiful soft pink pout.

  • HAIR

Massage through dry hair EverEscents Organic Universal Styling Cream and their Styling Wax.

Section off a band of hair around the front of the face from just in front of the ears and leave it out as you continue on with the next two steps.

Next tease the crown area and roughly catch the hair back in a low pony.

Now tease the front section of hair you left out and smooth over it lightly to hide the teasing. Then push up using your fingers to create the top quiff. Shape the side bits of hair to fan out around the face.

Once you are happy with the shape, set your style using EverEscents Organic Hairspray.

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