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look 10 – march 2017

true beauty is choosing cruelty free cosmetics!

Make UP Cosmetics Make UP Cosmetics

To re-create this look you will need the following products from Make UP Cosmetics:

Make UP Cosmetics

And these products from EverEscents Organic Hair Care:

EverEscents Organic Hair CareMake-up


To start with I massaged a small amount of Make UP Cosmetics Primer onto Jamie’s face, neck and décolletage.

Then using a small vegan concealor brush I applied a tiny mix of the yellow and pink tones in the Trio Corrector to conceal any dark shadows under the eyes.

Next, using the Makeup UP Cosmetics Face Foundation Brush I applied the Foundation Cream Compact in Paris, making sure to blend well through the hairline and down the neck and chest.

*It’s important to remember to gently blend the concealor in with the foundation, but not to move it from its place, so a gentle dabbing technique either with a brush or the pad of your index finger is best.

To set the foundation and to add a slightly heavier coverage, I lightly buffed over the top of the cream foundation, a light coating of Make UP Cosmetics Mineral Foundation Powder in Medium Light, using the Make UP Cosmetics Face Large Powder Brush.

To contour and add beautiful warmth to Jamie’s skin I buffed onto the cheekbones and just under the bones Mineral Blush Loose Powder in Coral.


The eyes are the feature of this look and it takes a little bit of blending to ensure the look is pretty, not overpowering.

Start by using the pad of your finger to dab Makeup UP Cosmetics Eyeshadow Mousse in Nude over the entire lid, and also blend a little over the upper cheekbones near the corner of the outer eyes to create a pretty shimmer.

Now on the lower lid through the socket area dab Eyeshadow Mousse in Plum.

Follow this by lightly shading, close to the lash line around the entire eye, with Loose Eyeshadow Powder in Chocolate. It is best to use a small soft brush to do with, such as Make UP Cosmetics Precision Shadow Brush.

It’s now time add the “key” colour, Loose Eyeshadow Powder in Azur, which is a stunning bright, true blue. Using the Medium Eyeshadow Brush, pat Azur gently only the inner corner of the eyelid from the inner lash line, right up to just under the eyebrow. Then ever so gently blend the edges so that there are no definite edges.

*The colour should extend slightly up towards the nose line and slightly below the inner line.

Brows and Lashes

Define the brows by first filling and shaping brows with Make UP Cosmetics Brow Gel in Dark Brown, using their Angled Brush. Then to soften and set the brows, using the same brush apply a small amount of Brow Powder in Light Brown.

Finally add a coat of Mineral Mascara to enhance lashes.


Complete this gorgeous look using Lipstick made with “Organics” – Nude.


Prep dry hair by massaging through a mix of EverEscents Organic Universal Styling Cream and their Heat Protector.  For model Jamie’s hair I used a 10 cent piece of Styling Cream mixed with two pumps of Heat Protector.

Brush hair through and part it on the side.

Then using a medium sized conical curling want, take small sections of hair and wind around to curl.

Once you have curled the entire hair, use your fingers to rake through the curls and separate them.

Now gently comb the top couple inches of hair to straighten and smooth on either side of the part.

To add volume to the curled area, super-lightly, tease the curls from underneath.

Finish by setting the style using EverEscents Organic Hairspray.

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