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Choose Cruelty Free has added this category to the list of product types it can accredit for companies. We are conducting a review of all companies on the CCF List and once we have the necessary documentation we will progressively add to this category the names of CCF-accredited companies that offer candles in their product range. (NB: companies must also have toiletries, cosmetics or skin care products in their range in order to be eligible for accreditation. We cannot accredit companies producing only candles.)

The symbols used in this list indicate the following:

v All products are suitable for vegans (or go to the vegan cruelty-free list).
sv Some products are suitable for vegans (please check labels).
vt Vegetarian and contain beeswax, lanolin, honey, milk, egg and/or casein. No vegan products.
bp Meet non-animal testing rule but some products contain animal ingredients or killed insects.
CPOF Certified Palm Oil Free by the Palm Oil Free Certification Accreditation Programme

The Not Tested on Animals Rabbit Logo is a registered trade mark and may only be used by accredited companies that have taken out a license and paid the annual license fee.

CCF Licensees are listed in pink and are permitted to use the Rabbit Logo.

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