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fur: australian retailers

VIC 3give fur the flick!

Fur coats, trim, toys and accessories continue to be stocked and sold by Australian retailers. With so many cruelty-free alternatives available, why consumers still support this inherently cruel industry is a mystery to most. 

Caring consumers regularly provide us with photos and contact details for Australian fur retailers. We write to the retailers, provide information about the fur/angora trade, encourage the stores to discontinue selling fur products and to join the Animals Australia Fur-Free Shopping List.

The photos on this page have been taken by consumers or published online by the retailer since 2016. We have hundreds more. The stores have been approached by Choose Cruelty Free and consumers. We have politely asked them to reconsider the part they play in the suffering and misery of animals born, bred and raised in appalling conditions only to be killed  for “fashion”.

Send your photos and any store contact details you have to us by e-mail and we’ll get in touch with the store:

Download Choose Cruelty Free’s anti-fur brochure which highlights the cruel rabbit fur trade and share it with retailers, friends and colleagues.

real or fake?

Please – don’t damage goods that are not your own! Be polite and try to change hearts and minds through education and sharing verified information.

Don’t rely on price as your guide and be careful relying on the material identifier labels. Many consumers believe that if it’s cheap it must be fake, which is not the case. Here’s a handy guide to help you identify real from fake (faux). If in any doubt, leave it on the rack.

Real or Fake Fur?

Snuggle Coats (Australia) – giving fur back to the animals!

Possum in donated fur (FAWNA NSW)
Possum in donated fur (FAWNA NSW)

“We all know that there is nothing sexy or beautiful about wearing a second-hand fur – so now it’s time to give them back to the animals. The fur industry is a cruel and outdated business and must come to an end. However, there are furs currently in existence that hide away in garages or were gifted to people by a well-meaning relative. These furs often end up as land fill – or lingering in charity shops. Well, it’s time to dust them off and donate them to Snuggle Coats.

We cannot undo the cruelty of the past – but we can partially counteract it by helping hundreds of animals each year. Snuggle Coats Logo

So, this is the part where you can help! If you have any furs to donate, questions, or are an Animal Group that thinks they could benefit from the furs – then contact us!”

Read all about Snuggle Coats’ wonderful initiative on their website or download the Snuggle Coats Flyer here. Choose Cruelty Free is one of several drop-off points for donated fur in Melbourne.

Read about the fur farming and fur fashion industries here Fur: Animals for Fashion (warning graphic images).

Page updated: 12 January 2018

photo gallery: fur in Australian stores

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