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broken promises and the ban

Buried beneath industry and government jargon, the 2017 Federal Budget revealed that the Coalition government’s promise to save thousands of animal lives starting 1 July 2017 will not eventuate for another 12 months 

“Implementation of the ban will start 1 July 2018 to provide industry with a transition period and align with broader industrial chemical reforms.” 

Read the full release here.

The Industrial Chemicals Bill 2017 was introduced to Parliament on 1 June 2017. This is an important first step, but a meaningful, comprehensive ban, set in legislation, is still a long way off in Australia. Our campaign will continue until this fight is over!

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Page updated: 8 December 2017

help not harm

Nicole Groch, Cruelty-free Hair & Make-up Artist “Well, sadly I can’t say that I am surprised that the ban on cosmetic testing has been postponed for yet another 12 months, and that thousands of animals will continue to suffer inexplicably and ultimately loose their lives. It’s called RED TAPE and money talks!I have been very dubious as to how on earth this ban was ever going to take effect here in Australia. I mean, realistically, did we all really think that suddenly Myers, David Jones, Target, Kmart, Big W, pharmacies, supermarkets, make-up emporiums such as Mecca Cosmetica, Priceline and Sephora are all going to say, “no, sorry we don’t stock any of the big name brands anymore, such as MAC, L’Oreal, Revlon, Maybelline, Cover Girl, Bobbi Brown, Estee Lauder, etc, etc… as these companies, or their parent companies are still testing on animals and/or selling into China and it’s illegal here in Australia”.  Yeah right, what a perfect world we would live in if humans cared about animals that much.   I think there have probably been some corporate big guns stepping up and opposing this ban due to the huge loss of revenue it will cost them initially if the ban was implemented.

Even if eventually this law does get passed, I am more than a little concerned as to how many loopholes there will be. There will be exceptions and excuses, and many companies such as the ones listed above will get some fabricated “hall pass” to keep on selling despite the ban.

As a professional cruelty-free hair and make-up artist, I know the reality is that a true, honest ban on cosmetic testing in Australia will take a long time to happen and that in the meantime, until ALL animal testing of cosmetics is 100% abolished globally, we need to ensure we use and buy only from cosmetic brands that are committed to being 100% transparent and humane, by seeking out accreditation with Choose Cruelty Free. These ethical cosmetic companies are showing us that  they have nothing to hide, when it comes to animal testing, and it is these companies that we should ALL be supporting.”

  • The Coalition Government should offer themselves up as a replacement to all the animals they have let down. Surely we should be testing cosmetics on human skin! I’m sure they would gladly release all the tortured, deprived animals and sign up for barbaric, painful and morally bankrupt worthless tests themselves… given the chance…. Linda S
  • I am incredibly disappointed that such an emotive and important election promise has been broken. The Australian Government should be ashamed. It has the power and the mandate to protect the lives of innocent animals but it has decided to bump them down the priority list. I’m ashamed to be a citizen of a country that claims to love animals and yet treat them so poorly. It’s 2017 – testing on animals is archaic and cruel and we now know better. Sophie F
  • I’m voicing my great disappointment that the Australian government is pushing back on the animal testing ban. The testing of cosmetic products and their ingredients cause great suffering for the animals concerned, it is a cruel and unnecessary practice and about time that ethics came before company profits. It was promised, and should be implemented immediately. Annie H
  • Everyone knew you would break your promise of banning cosmetics that have been cruelly animal-tested, by July 1st 2017. We are not surprised, not even disappointed, because we have no trust in you in the first place. How disrespectful you are of Australians who expected this to finally happen, people who have spent huge amounts of time and energy over decades, to enlighten the public and law-makers about the completely brutal and unnecessary cosmetic industry practice of torturing small animals. And the truly tragic thing is that so many companies don’t torture animals at all! And we who buy those products are still here, healthy and complete and beautiful.   So while you procrastinate and dither around, gutlessly terrified of actually taking a stand against this horror, millions of small animals will suffer pain and fear and helplessness for senseless, out-dated laws that prove nothing. It’s sickening. Diana P
  • Come on Australia stop lagging on this. Keep up with Europe and New Zealand in banning animal tested cosmetics. My vote is directly related to this one. Joanne M
  • It’s absurd that the poor animals will need to wait another 12 months to be free  from cruelty. Nowadays we have so many brands in Australia that are cruelty free so the government shouldn’t allow the brands that still test on animals to be imported to Australia! Mariana C
  • I am totally disgusted that the poor animals being abused and tormented will have to wait another YEAR. Can’t believe it. Can’t understand it. WHY use excuses to extend this terrible crime against innocent animals. Christine W
  • Herewith we would like to express our support for a ban to be effective starting July 2017 without delay. The consultation period has been long enough to signal to industry that they have to transition and no animal should have to suffer any longer. Ernie & Christine
  • This is appalling and ridiculous. There is no way that the industry needs another 12 months to implement this. This is yet another election promise broken. If there were concerns about products harming people, a ban on products would be immediate – it should be so for any products tested on animals to, whether they are tested here in Australia or overseas. There are SO MANY cosmetic products available that have not been tested – these should be supported to become the “norm”. Yours most sincerely and sadly. Karen G
  • Appalled to hear of the government’s decision to delay the ban on animal testing until 1 July 2018. This duplicity on the part of the government is heart breaking, condemning so many more animals to further pain and suffering for no cause other than the convenience and profit of the cosmetic companies.  Those companies have had sufficient time to prepare for the coming ban, so long overdue.  If they have not done so by now suggests incompetence or complacency their part and they should not be pandered to further by the government with an extension of time. Even more alarming, the loophole which will allow cosmetics made and/or tested on animals overseas to continue to be sold here.  That the government could delay on such a half hearted measure such as this shows they are anything but serious in ending the suffering of animals. Once more, big business trumps all else. Lee-Ann M
  • I am utterly disgusted by the government’s broken promise. All those animals suffering. All those needless tests when synthetic options are available. Makes me feel ashamed of our country. Kristy R
  • I read the announcement from several animal welfare groups and, quite frankly, was very angry. I have since emailed Turnbull, Joyce and my local MP, Kevin Andrews. I can think of only one reason why the LNP is breaking its promise to institute the ban on animal testing for cosmetic on 1 July 2017 – they are allowing the stakeholders in the animal testing business another year of making profits from the animals, the laboratory equipment, the food and everything else involved in this horrible business. Having broken their election promise once, it opens the way for them to do so again. In fact, it could be, given their election lies, that Australian animals used for testing won’t be released from this senseless cruelty until we have a change of government. Other countries, notably our neighbour New Zealand, were able to bring in the ban under their conservative government – with 100% agreement in parliament. For a few years now, every time I’ve been shopping for cosmetics, I have been surrounded by people looking for cruelty free products. All these people have been totally let down by this LNP government, the members of which do not care and have no empathy for animals at all, given their actively permitting yet another year of revolting experiments on innocent creatures. They should be very, very ashamed, but quite frankly I do not think many of the LNP members have much in the way of social, environmental and economic justice. In the meantime, I am alerting everyone I know in person and on social media so that we all know we can buy cruelty free through the Choose Cruelty Free booklet and website. Shirley B
  • Another vote grabbing promise the politicians have failed to deliver on. This will be remembered at the next election. TAKE NOTE! David T
  • Thank you for bringing to our attention that the government is not banning testing on 1 July 2017 as promised, instead extending this for yet another year. I am mortified that this ban has been extended – more poor animals will suffer for human vanity. In this day and age I simply cannot understand why it is necessary to be testing on animals at all. Surely to God there has got to be a better way for the sake of these poor animals.  Why not do some testing on those that make these decisions and see how they like it.  So many countries have now banned testing on animals and I am appalled that Australia is not one of them. I would like the government to publicly explain why this has been delayed. Preferably in front of animal activists. Jann C
  • A delay of 1 year to the promised ban on animal-tested cosmetics is not acceptable. Another 12 months of suffering for the animals tortured for vanity. And what about those products / ingredients tested overseas (which is the majority)? Elizabeth D
  • I, like many people of this day and age was quite happy to live in my bubble of ignorance, enjoying any product I wanted. But didn’t realise the savings I was making when a particular brand was on sale was actually costing so much more! The lives of these beautiful creatures isn’t for us to take for granted, it is torture and animal cruelty is ILLEGAL in Australia so how is it we can use products that were cruelty tested on animals? Isn’t this a contradiction? I have stopped wearing make up on Monday’s – Make up Free Monday’s. this is my opportunity to raise awareness of the amount of companies that unnecessarily use animals for testing. ALL My make up is cruelty free and has not been tested on animals. I am an animal lover but I also believe in what is right, and this isn’t right. This might be only one person, one voice, one opinion…but together, we are making a change. We WILL be the generation to stop this disgusting human trait, the trait that we think we have the RIGHT to treat animals however we want. Stop Animal Cruelty, Last I heard, Animal Cruelty is ILLEGAL! Rachel C
  • I am writing to voice my concerns and displeasure that Australia is pushing back the animal testing ban. This is a step backwards and shows the world you would rather put profit over science and ethics in regards to the animals involved. You gave us your word, please do what you promised. The world is watching. Rebecca G, New Zealand
  • Whilst I’m exceedingly disappointed, I’m not surprised at the news that the government is delaying implementation of ban on animal-tested cosmetics! When they announced the ban last year, I thought, wow, finally something good to come out of the Turnbull government. How naive I was. Of course a delay doesn’t mean that it will never happen, but can we actually trust the people in charge? Can we trust that the government will stand up to the corporate lobbyists who are, no doubt, putting all their energy to opposing this ban. After reading some comments on your facebook page, it’s wonderful to see so many people feeling the same as I do. I will continue to buy from cruelty free businesses and hope that one day the message will spread worldwide that we don’t want tortured animal blood on our skin! Sarah A
  • So bloody typical of the government. It is totally unnecessary for animals to suffer for our vanity. It makes me angry and very sad and more than a little embarrassed that Australia is still allowing animal testing for beauty products to continue for another 12 months. We are certainly showing ourselves to the world as a non-progressive ‘first world’ country. Carmel W
  • Heartbreaking and shameful. Not a cent of mine will go to any company putting profit ahead of humanity. Thank you for the tireless work you do. Cynthia S
  • I am surprised and very disappointed and angry to hear of this delay. It is not acceptable to extend this and the animal suffering that will be part of the delay – how many animals will suffer and die within this period. There cannot be justification for harm in this manner. Elizabeth H
  • It saddens me to see the picture of the rabbits obviously being tested on and unable to escape. I own three rabbits just like the ones in the picture. They were “wastage” from a vet nurse program and were going to be euthanised. I love watching them every day, seeing them gain trust in me and just being rabbits doing rabbit stuff. I love my girls and it breaks my heart that they have to endure so much cruelty for the sake of things that are probably not even a necessity. I really hope the government has an urgent rethink and bans testing on any animal sooner rather than later. Merryn F
  • We are outraged that the consideration of the project on banning testing of products on animals has been suspended again and we demand that it be renewed. Animals should not suffer! Yulia P, Russia
  • I fail to understand why there will be a delay with something as important as this.  Our government needs to act now, so as to save further pain and suffering. Clara J
  • The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated. (Mahatma Ghandi) Manju M
  • Money and semantics yet again. Very disappointed in the Australian Govt delaying the ban implementation. So many advanced countries and organisations are actually trialling methods without using animals to test products. So many beings will still suffer which is totally unnecessary in this modern age. Animals and human anatomy are not the same and we have long known this. Choose cruelty-free at the checkout and hit the companies where it hurts the most!!!!! Then they might act faster, one can only hope. Janelle S
  • Utterly disgusting…and typical! Yet again our government shows their complete disregard for animal torture (specifically in terms of cosmetic testing)… or more general (in terms of live export)… or even labelling palm oil in all products (which would enable thousands of consumers to avoid using palm oil (and help orangutans etc). They won’t even think about an independent body for animal welfare… (but of course they don’t want anything independent to flag cruelty issues do they).   All they think about is the $$$ and God help us if ADANI mine goes ahead! Sue S
  • I am disgusted by this and want to know who to contact to send a letter to so I can let the government know how outdated they are and how disappointed in them I am. Savannah B
  • The team of by-cosmetics are very angry with the Australian Government who are careless to the torture and suffering of the animals. Besides, they consider such deals as a standard of living. Stop staying deaf to the people’s request – let animals live! Andrey N, Indonesia
  • I can’t believe this government is going to allow animals to suffer and be tortured for another 12 months. This is unacceptable. Mellita I
  • Politicians lie about almost everything, so it was predictable that they would lie about caring for animals being tortured. Wendy P
  • Appeal to the government of Australia. I ask you to consider the urgent need for the introduction in Australia, for example, the EU ban on animal testing of cosmetics and cosmetic ingredients. Due to anatomical and physiological differences humans and animals testing on animals is ineffective and even dangerous. For example, from scientific observation it is known that morphine calms humans, but excites cats. Aspirin is poisonous to cats, penicillin is highly toxic to guinea pigs. Animal studies showed no carcinogenic effect on the human of asbestos which has been identified subsequently. The testing of cosmetics on animals is a disgusting business, especially when animals – like rabbits, mice, guinea pigs, cats and dogs to blind and poison to duty test lipstick or shampoo. I believe that the ban of animal testing for the cosmetic industry and promotion of modern, adequate to the present achievements of mankind humane alternative methods in the best way will affect image and foreign investments in the cosmetic industry. Ilia L, Indonesia
  • Appears Australia is a primitive and third world country after all. Nothing changes. Sharyn D
  • Every day that goes by with animals needlessly suffering is a day of blight upon the powers that could easily stop it. Marion B
  • I am so disappointed by this news, having been incredibly pleased and buoyed by the original decision to ban animal-tested cosmetics.  It seems such a weak decision, indicative either of no actual will to change this terrible situation or being completely under the sway of big corporations. What is the extra time needed for?  Cosmetics do not need to be tested on animals, this has been known for a long time, in which case just stop doing it!  With so many other, much smaller, companies and businesses able to produce cosmetics without animal testing, how can any other businesses say that they need time in order to move to doing it this way? It is utterly abhorrent that this momentous decision has been delayed.  It gives me no confidence that it will ever actually happen.  I also find it pathetic – but perhaps meaningful – that this news was provided in an underhand way.  The fact that it was not openly broadcast seems to suggest that at some level, some in government recognise that animal testing is indefensible and disgusting; but they still choose to look away and allow it to continue. Valerie P
  • I am wondering why they need yet more time to do this. Another year will mean another year of suffering for animals, which is not acceptable. Sue B
  • My reaction is one of anger.  So typical of governmental decisions to change when they suit them.  Why have they changed their decision?  Who and why is someone paying them enough money to change this?  (I know it shouldn’t be said that there is an exchange of money, but it always comes down to this!).  If money wasn’t involved, there would be zero animal cruelty.  Why has this decision changed?  Real answers needed, not a walk around the truth! Kerry C
  • I am a medical practitioner with a background in chemistry.  I do not believe that there is any valid reason (apart from laziness and unwillingness to change) to continue to test products on animals.  It is a cruel, outdated, and unnecessary option. As a human being, I am disgusted that so much suffering goes on so that pointless products that do not advance humanity in any way.  Where products are of value, there are alternatives. I think that, if that average Australian understood the real cost of their product, they would be appalled.  Please do not back off this very important change.  I hope that one day we will look back on cruelly produced products with as much horror as we now look on other injustices (e.g. women’s suffrage, or the right to free speech).  We live in a first world, well-educated country, and there is no excuse for causing misery in the name of “cosmetics”. Dr Lyn E
  • I have been so disappointed in this government. I am not surprised that the holy dollar has won again. People have to stop supporting these wretched companies. Hit them in the hip pocket and they’ll start to listen. People don’t know that they’re supporting cruelty. How do we get the word out that multinational conglomerates like Unilever, who make products from soup to laundry detergent, test on animals? We need to name names because at the moment people are shopping blind. Josephine V
  • I think it is disgusting they are delaying the ban on cosmetic testing on animals.   Who in their right mind would ever think is was ok to inflict such cruelty on an innocent animal.   It just doesn’t make sense.   I do not buy any cosmetic or any other product tested on poor defenceless animals.  It is a crime!!! The government should go further and ban all animal testing. Judy S
  • I am devastated by this about turn by the government. Once again they show a lack of leadership and moral backbone when it comes to lobbying and payments by industry. I was a lifelong Liberal supporter until I learnt how little the Coalition / Barnaby Joyce care about animals and their suffering. My votes now go to the Animal Justice Party. Paul A
  • Animals need protection not procrastination for the benefit of profit. Menka K
  • The suffering of animals in Australia is not considered to be important enough to implement vital change. We want animal testing banned now. We want suffering and abuse to stop now. This ban needs to start July 1st 2017 and no later. Michelle H
  • “Australians can be confident that cosmetics made in Australia will not be tested on animals in Australia.”   To the Coalition Government, I’d just like to check that I’ve got this right. (i) 1 July 2017 is now 1 July 2018. (ii) You intend to ban something (eventually) that doesn’t take place here much anyway. (iii) You propose to let the cosmetics industry regulate itself through a voluntary code of conduct.  So, rather than take this opportunity to implement a comprehensive ban (which could and should take into consideration animal test data obtained outside of Australia; foreign market regulatory requirements for mandatory animal-testing; and include a ban on the sale, import, manufacturing and marketing of animal-tested cosmetics produced by companies anywhere; etc) you are going to do nothing that will help consumers make informed choices based on independent review; and you are going to do nothing to prevent any animal suffering or save any animal lives.  Thanks for nothing. Wendy H
  • I am disgusted by the Government’s decision to delay the implementation of a ban on animal testing in Australia. Especially after the time everyone took to participate in the submission.  I was literally just telling my hair dresser on the weekend that the animal testing ban on cosmetics isn’t far away now. Whilst I am upset about the decision by the Coalition, I am not surprised. They care more about business & profit over animal welfare.  Australia desperately needs an Independent Animal Welfare body, who can work to keep the Government on track with such initiatives.  There is simply no excuse for Australia to be lagging behind in this area of law regarding animal testing. You are putting thousands of innocent creatures as risk because you couldn’t meet the promised deadline. This is simply not good enough.  Until the last election I always voted for Liberal Party as my family did, however until you put animal welfare on the agenda you will never have my vote.  We will not give up fighting for animals rights.  Belinda H
  • Thank you for preparing the submission on our behalf. You guys do great work. I’m disgusted and appalled that our lazy and spineless government will not implement a policy so essential for our animal friends. Who made the biggest political donation? Was it Alphapharm? Or AstraZeneca? Luisa S
  • Totally disgusting that this barbaric practice is still continuing in this century. Danielle W
  • Absolutely dreadful.  So many beautiful cruelty-free cosmetics to be had.  Totally unnecessary, cruel and unethical.  Why the delay?  The mind boggles.  Must be something to do with money and jobs. Jackie W
  • I can’t comprehend this inhumane barbaric testing. Stop this animal torture and ban this despicable practise as promised. Sally O
  • Deeply disappointing and disturbing that countless other animals need to suffer up until 1 July 2018 to provide industry with a transition period and align with broader industrial chemical reforms. Animal testing NEVER should have happen in the past, should happen in the present or future. It shows the utter barbaric nature of humans! M. B.
  • This is inexcusable and downright painful to hear. Obviously not as painful as the experience for these poor defenceless animals who have no voice. We need to be their voice and do what we can to stop this unnecessary torture. It breaks my heart to think what they go through for humans. I appreciate your ongoing battle to stop animal cruelty. Jemma C
  • I am horrified and devastated by this hidden part of the Budget. There is absolutely no need to put off the date of becoming a cruelty-free country! If it takes a cosmetic company a year to stop animal testing, what are they hiding? The companies that continue to test products on animals have had ample warning, and they should be held to account immediately. They would comply if made to, so they can continue to reap their un-deserved profits. Sue F
  • Horrendous. Very upsetting that the government changes the date by 12 months. These people knew the deadline, but obviously ignored it. Consequence – now more animals have to suffer! Not good enough!!! De’arne D
  • I would like to inform you that I am saddened by this federal government by not keeping their promises.  However, I should not be surprised.  This government stands for big business, and the rich end of the country.  It does not stand for the rest of us.  They have continuously shown that they do not listen to the “little” people.  I am appalled that they have delayed their promise to end animal testing.  The lives of innocent animals are at stake. I can’t imagine the pain and suffering these poor creatures go through just to help us look better!  We do not need animal testing on cosmetics anymore as there is advanced computer modelling to do this for us.  Other countries have stopped animal testing on cosmetics, so why can’t Australia?  When it comes to animal welfare, why is Australia so far behind the rest of the world?  I always use products which are not tested on animals (including cleaning products). I support your campaign to fight this, and wish you success. Kay M
  • You know, I had a feeling we’d get this news.  I haven’t seen the products on the shelves in supermarkets and other stores change at all so it doesn’t surprise me that it will take another 12 months.  I am so angry that the government has been so slack in implementing the ban.  When will they put themselves in the place of the animals that are being tortured and see for themselves how cruel animal testing really is?!! Renata W
  • Gutless cruel money hungry people run this county. Shame on Australian politicians.  Rheusuin B
  • Thank you for inviting us all to share comments with you by return email. I read that no permits for animal testing had been applied for in at least the last two years – maybe I misunderstood this and many existing permits are still in use. However the whole process is already incredibly cautious with extensive leeway being given to industry whilst countless animals suffer. “Due care” in regards to the welfare of laboratory animals is really only lip service if you consider that it is based upon a set of rules completely separate from those governing the rights of humans or pets. You can say that welfare regulations are being adhered to for any situation if you only make the standards low enough. No animal should have its body used for experimentation when it has every right to a natural life, independent of human interference. Animal testing is an archaic and arguably unscientific practice anyway, with comprehensive alternatives having been available for a long time. These alternatives are designed to deliver results more relevant to humans than other species, making them a more desirable option in terms of animal AND human welfare. Europe is doing it; please keep the pressure on Australian industry to hurry up and conform to leading international practices in terms of the testing of cosmetics and their ingredients. Mariko M
  • Thanks for the update. I would like to pass onto the government that it is totally unacceptable for such a delay. In a country where so many love pets including dogs,  cats, rabbits and horses along with others like mice and guinea pigs… any use of animals for cruel experimentation is totally unacceptable.  Government’s must strive for total humanity and empathy instead of using excuses like ‘the economy’ to push aside important ethical causes and banning the use of using animals for testing is such a cause. Frances W
  • I am so sorry to hear that the Governments promise to save thousands of animals lives will not happen for another 12 months.  How disappointing is that.  It is the 21st century after all and these awful tests can be done in other ways, not using defenceless animals.  Pat J
  • This absolutely saddens me that this is not a priority; once again Australia is so far behind with moving us forward – it’s actually embarrassing. Companies have had long enough and have amazing leaders to gain information from. It’s completely unnecessary especially considering there are so many other cruelty free options. I’m speechless and the only things I can think to say are swear words which would not be appropriate for a letter!   Mel T
  • I am just sitting here bewildered and very upset.  The Australia Government do not need to carry on the suffering of any animals and do have the power to stop this immediately. This is senseless and barbaric and needs to stop NOW and I will help however I can to make this happen. Keep up the good work and keep fighting for these poor defenceless animals who do not ask to be tortured their whole lives. Jenni K
  • In Germany animal testing for cosmetics/body care been officially banned not so long ago, BUT: ss soon as a product contains any medically effective ingredient, like f. ex. hyaluronic acid or nano particles, it may still be tested – then the tests are declared to be medical tests GRRR!!! Marion F
  • It makes me cry. Joanne T
  • I was disappointed to hear that Australia will take another year to impose the ban on cosmetic testing on animals. This is so sadly true of many countries, as we here in Canada are just debating such a bill (Bill S-214) in our parliament.  For some reason we are not able to elect government officials who care about animals. I am not sure why this is so. We, as the voting constituents, must educate our politicians so that they understand that we will no longer tolerate abuse against animals.  We must also educate people in general that there are many cruelty free options so that we no longer need to use animals. I believe there is a change happening so that the following things will soon come to an end: fur farming, medical testing on animals, seal hunt in Canada, testing of cosmetics on animals. All of these practices are completely unnecessary.  The abuse that the animals suffer is beyond imagining.  We have taken away their freedom, their bodies and their natural environments for them to live. All government officials should be required to read a new book entitled, “The Animal’s Agenda” by Marc Bekoff and Jessica Pierce.  This book takes us through the changes that the world needs to recognize, that of moving from an animal welfare paradigm to an animal well-being paradigm.  I urge the Australian government to take the lead in animal rights so that other countries can follow suit. Be a leader, Be empathetic, Do no Harm, Let Animals Live!!!!! Judith G, Canada
  • It is extremely sad that animal suffering, in the cosmetic industry, will continue for another year due to slowness in implementing the ban on testing cosmetics on animals. Sue B
  • I’m disappointed, upset, sad, cross, angry. But stunned? No, because we know we can’ trust politicians to follow through. They have broken their promises so many times before. But we must never give up. Thank you to all at ‘Choose Cruelty Free’ for being a voice, a big voice, for the animals.  I wish I had better words to help and I hope your words can sway the government. What I would say to politicians is please, please have some empathy with these beautiful animals. It’s already been proven that there are other ways to test without hurting animals. Be brave for a change and stand up for the animals. Ban testing on animals now, now, today. Gayle S
  • It is sad news!! I hope you can show authorities how wrong they are. Maria H, Brazil
  • Many thanks for the update. A crucial update!  We have to wonder……is the government really serious about saving animals and moving Australia forward into the real world? I have my doubts. They (government) continue to keep our country in the dark ages and as part of the dark and criminal world of animal torture. Rather shameful and embarrassing I have to say. I hope someone takes them into a lab and makes them watch and listen for a whole day all the animals that are subjected to the horror of “animal testing”. The least they can do for making such a dumb decision.  Thanks again for encouraging us to have our say. Vanessa H
  • Delaying this ban for even one more minute, never mind one more year, is despicable, cruel, and downright inhumane. Purposely torturing any living creature is horrifying and should be an immediate criminal offense punishable by the highest laws. This torture testing is not allowed on the most heinous, evil humans (i.e. serial killers, rapists, etc…) who have no remorse and eternally remain a danger to society. Why should this be allowed to happen to innocent living creatures who have no voice to defend themselves,  when it’s blatantly obvious they FEEL the pain and are suffering from this torture testing?!! STOP THE TORTURE NOW!!!! Wendy L
  • As a human being and tax payer I demand these companies stop all cruel animal testing immediately and I along with family and friend pledge to ban the use of any and all products from companies that continue to torture! Lisa L
  • I support Australia implementing a timely and much awaited ban on animal-tested cosmetics before 1 July 2018! The statement about introducing a ban on cosmetic testing on animals from 1 July 2017 is misleading when in fact the intention is a phased implementation FROM 1 July 2017. My clear recollection at election time was that the ban would commence as of 1 July 2017 AND that cosmetics made in Australia would not be tested in Australia but FURTHERMORE I recall the promise that cosmetics made in Australia would not contain ingredients tested on animals overseas.  There are many consumers that have not touched cosmetics tested on animals for many, many years and industry would do themselves a favour to conform to not testing on animals sooner rather than later in the interest of increased sales. There is no need to wait for broader industrial chemical reforms. On a personal level, I have been using cosmetics with no animal testing since 1988 and have since encouraged awareness in others that also share the same beliefs. Ban animal testing TODAY. Mary D
  • Mr Turnbull. How could you delay this ban for 12 more months? Thousands more poor, innocent sentient animals will suffer which is totally unnecessary, unacceptable and downright cruel. There is absolutely no reason not to impose the ban on 1st July 2017 as promised. There is plenty of research and evidence available as an alternative to testing cosmetics on animals. Please, I beg you. Impose this ban as promised on 1st July 2017. Jacqueline N
  • Honestly just devastated by this news. This is disturbing and shocking and utterly disgraceful. We are custodians to the animals and their voice when theirs is ignored. It is our government’s responsibility to bring the end to animal testing sooner rather than later. And leave others out who want to take advantage of the “transition time”. Now is the future – there is no need for animals testing whatsoever. We can grow artificial tissue from stem cells that would give the most accurate reading on how chemicals affect human skin and whatsoever chemical fallout would occur. I hope the government changes soon. Kate H
  • Bloody Politicians!!!!!  Why can we not torture them for a wee while – that may prompt them into a reasonable ban on the suffering of others. Lynette S
  • It is absolutely outrageous that the date has been drawn out for another year. I shudder to think of the number of animals who will be unnecessarily tortured and killed after the previous alleged date. No wonder people lose faith in their government. Lyndi C
  • This is absolutely terrible and just shocking. In a world where we have an abundance of knowledge about animals and how they do feel pain, feel both physically and psychologically, this is just unacceptable. They are living creatures with nervous systems and the physiological ability to feel immense pain and trauma. Please stop this inhumane treatment of animals. We all know it’s wrong. Just stop. Demi M
  • Terribly disappointing and a missed opportunity for the government to do the right thing. Animal testing on cosmetics is unnecessary and cruel and it’s unconscionable that the government have delayed the ban. Carly G
  • It is absolutely barbaric and unnecessary to test products on animals. The Australian Government needs to drag itself into the 21st century, and not delay any further the complete ban on all animal testing. Gayle B
  • Why can’t these people keep their word?   Animals are not like us. It is just sickening. Bunty J
  • This is distressing and disgusting. There is no need to torture animals for the vanity of first world affluent women. Make these practices illegal now. Thank you for the work you do on behalf of animals. Susan F
  • In my opinion, there is no reason why the cosmetic testing industry should be given an extra 12 months to torture animals unnecessarily. The industry has been given enough notice, they know from overseas experience what to expect and I don’t want to see any more animals suffer for the sake of some bloody cosmetics! I am very disappointed in this decision by the Commonwealth Government. Stephen R
  • I was shocked to read that the federal government will now not be banning animal testing for cosmetics until a year later than it promised. This is another broken promise by this government. Many more animals will now continue to endure painful and invasive tests. This is a disgrace when most other countries banned such cruel tests years ago, including the European Union.  The industry has had years to prepare for this ban. The government should institute the ban immediately as promised. Jan K
  • Are they kidding?  Another 12 months of torture when they (the politicians) couldn’t stand 5 minutes.  Politicians have let us and the animals down. Maree D
  • There is no excuse to continue treating animals in this cruel and inhumane way for even a moment longer. Simply put, nothing can justify cruelty to animals in any form. Jack S
  • Disgusting… I thought Australia was a humane society. Carol C
  • Very disappointing, we were expecting it to happen this year. Saddened and angered by this news, do not understand how such a significant delay could possibly be necessary. Unacceptable. Stephanie D
  • I am so disgusted at this decision or lack of. How typical. Sue H
  • Real beauty is not dependent on an animal’s suffering. There are alternative ways of making cosmetics safe.  Pamela L
  • What an absolute disgrace. Another broken promise. Karen D
  • Thank you for alerting me to this delay and for the work you do in seeking to have this barbaric and outdated process banned.  I cannot begin to express the breadth and depth of my disappointment in reading this news.  The proposed ban was such a step forward out of cruelty and I just ache for the animals that will continue to suffer and die as a result of this ban. Thank you again for your work and your vigilance. Christine B
  • This news is very upsetting… when will this barbaric torment stop??? Linda L
  • I’m appalled at the government’s decision. It’s another example of its preference for business and profits over ethics and values. To permit companies to act in this way is as immoral as the act itself.  Unfortunately we can’t rely on the moral compass of certain companies and laws are needed. Urgently, without any delay.  Cherie S
  • Devastatingly disappointing. So it was mere political spin from a disingenuous govt?! Pamela P
  • This delay is just not acceptable. Another broken promise. Will we ever be able to trust our politicians? Ann C
  • This is an absolutely disgusting outrage!!!! These animals shouldn’t have to suffer for one more second let alone another year!!!! Nicole T
  • The Australian Government should be ashamed! There is no need to transition to a period of no cruelty! Alison C
  • I am writing to express my dismay at the continuation of animal cruelty in the testing of products of any kind. This form of discrimination fires the outrage of Speciesism. Contemporary Western Society stands to prosper in terms of social evolution – at this critical period in time when we are on the threshold of confirming extra-terrestrial life – are we really so unready and so unworthy! We must mature as a species, the time has come, this is the majority call – if we disrespect species, we perpetuate the disrespect within our own species – racism. To me, and I’m sure many other thinkers, Racism is somewhat of the ‘little brother’ to Speciesism. Speciesism is much, much bigger. Specieists are never going to be welcome off planet. Good God, when will the politicians be seen to take the moral high ground? Cruelty to animals in a modern western society is an aberration. Covert torture. Abominable suffering! For no better reason than ‘it’s cheaper’. Please convey my utter disappointment with the government on the ‘phasing in’ process. How about a more appropriate criminal charge with substantial jail terms for crimes against animals and thus morality? The Parker Family
  • This is a travesty the ban should be immediate.  All testing should be condemned and never allowed again. Jill H
  • I am appalled and seriously disappointed to hear that the coalition government of Australia has delayed the promised ban on animal testing on cosmetics. It is a disgusting, barbaric, cruel, inhumane practice, and we have no need of it in the 21st century. Surely we are better than this? Surely we can do better for our animals than this? This is the exact sort of broken promise and feet-dragging that turns people to vote for the greens. Please feel free to forward my remarks to wherever you think they might reach sympathetic ears. Thank you for all the work you do on behalf of those who cannot speak for themselves. Patti F
  • This is totally unacceptable and unnecessary. There are far more accurate and cruelty free testing methods that could be employed. This delay disgusts me. Gillian B
  • This is very disappointing and calls into question the coalition government’s commitment to ending animal testing. And what happens in July 2018 if industry isn’t ready to implement the ban then? Will they get another year?  Ruth F
  • This is distressing and heartbreaking.  I feel helpless to stop the suffering of these poor animals who have committed no crime.  I can’t understand how anyone can allow this testing to continue. Jill W
  • I am absolutely outraged that the Turnbull government is putting political gain and point scoring in place of its promise – yes, PROMISE – to place an immediate ban on live animal experiments! It is just so sadly, cynically typical that craven, lying politicians are once again attempting to crawl back on their given word in a move that will result in the suffering of innocent, voiceless animals bred for the sole reason of suffering for an utterly needless reason. How would you explain this move of yours to children Mr Turnbull? Sue S
  • I am outraged, and bitterly disappointed, by this backflip by the government regarding this ban. I am involved with animal welfare organisations, not only in Australia but overseas also, and have been spreading what seemed like great news far and wide. It is not only Australians who will be aware of this delay by the government. Some overseas organisations working towards the end of animal testing for cosmetics saw this as a very positive more, likely to set a precedent for governments of other countries. It doesn’t entirely surprise me though. We have been disappointed on other occasions by successive governments regarding animal welfare issues, and you really have to wonder what the real incentive is for this government to delay the implementation of the ban. The cosmetic industry is a multi-billion dollar industry, and they were never going to give in easily. I am sure they will have been fighting in every way possible to delay or overturn the original decision.  Has the ban been delayed in the hope that we will forget it was ever even mentioned and the issue will be quietly forgotten altogether? Well, I won’t and I will ensure that my contacts locally and overseas will not either. I am utterly disgusted by the government’s weakness. They had to opportunity to be leaders in this area and have chosen the spineless way out.  I have to wonder if the government received an offer ‘too good to refuse’. Kerry S
  • Typical, Animal and Environment issues are always put down the list. No Animal should suffer for the sake of a Cosmetic product, how vain are people. Sharon H
  • They surely must be joking. They have stated that the ban on animal testing data is not expected to negatively affect sales so why isn’t this ban starting July 2017. Why is Australia dragging the chain on implementing the ban? Are we a third world country whose people may not know any better? These barbaric, cruel and useless practices must stop now. Angela D
  • Delays will cause untold suffering. The transition should have already been taken in to account. With cutting edge green chemistry widely available, there is no longer the need to put sentient beings through this. Marlene H
  • Taken aback that our Government has decided to delay banning animal testing/cruelty by twelve months which prolongs animal suffering. Helen S
  • Very disappointing news. Industry will take as long to ‘transition’ as it’s given. There’s no need for animals to continue to suffer and die for another 12 months. Persephone N
  • How disappointing. Keep up the good work and fight the good fight! Leith D
  • This is terrible- all living beings need our protection not pain and suffering. There are natural items such as plants to use for everything so there is absolutely NEVER a need to torture a beautiful creature. Please stop this vile practice immediately. Amanda M
  • I am absolutely disgusted by this. I can’t believe that animal lives are worth absolutely nothing by some and that in the year 2017 animal testing is still going on. Ashamed and disgusted. Luisa C
  • I’m so disappointed at this push back of the expected cruelty free laws. Has the government thought about the fact that animals will suffer and die before 1 July 2017? How many animals will suffer the torture and pain? Many, many will suffer and die. All in the name of what? The companies that continue to use such cruel methods already have access to historical testing. We live in 2017 and it is no longer necessary to test on animals but these companies continue and persist in this barbaric practice. They lost me as a customer a long time ago! Louise G
  • Angry and disappointed! Anthea M

News from Australia

The Department of Health notes a major delay to the implementation of a national Ban on Cosmetic Testing on Animals (9 May 2017)

The Department of Health (Australia) engaged Hall & Partners to conduct a wide-ranging survey on the proposed ban on animal-tested cosmetics and released an accompanying Background Paper (November 2016)

The Coalition Government (Australia) announces that “a re-elected Turnbull Government will ban the sale of cosmetic products tested on animals. The ban will take effect from 1 July 2017, providing industry and retailers with a defined and reasonable transition period.” (June 2016)

Australian Labor Party MP Clare O’Neil introduces the Ethical Cosmetics Bill 2016 to the House of Representatives. (February 2016)

Seven of Australia’s leading animal protection organisations have written to Australia’s Minister for Rural Health, Senator Fiona Nash, urging the government to bring forward meaningful legislation to ban animal testing of cosmetics and the sale of cosmetics newly animal tested abroad. (January 2016)

Australian Greens Senator Lee Rhiannon launches a comprehensive Ending Cruel Cosmetics campaign. (June 2015)

The Australian Greens confirm that all cosmetics tested on animals would be banned in Australia under their proposal. (March 2014)

The Minister for Health, Tanya Plibersek, today announced that a re-elected Labor Government would lead a national consultation on phasing out the importation, manufacture, sale, and advertising of cosmetics or cosmetic ingredients tested on animals. (August 2013)

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