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discover how to make beautiful choices without a blemish on your conscience

Hey there, and welcome to the Choose Cruelty Free (CCF) online community. We’re an independent Australian non-profit dedicated to providing you with resources and information that can help you make informed purchasing decisions.

If you are an Australian consumer looking to find cruelty-free make-up, shampoo, skin care, pet care, deodorant (and a host of other personal care products) we’ve got you covered! There’s even a separate list which readily identifies companies that produce vegan products only.

One small step for you, one giant leap for them.

Our goal is to help you create positive consumer changes in your life. Choices that will affect not only your life but the lives of the millions of animals that suffer in cruel testing conditions every single day.

Fortunately, with so many cruelty-free options now available in Australia, the transition to cruelty-free living is easier than ever before. At Choose Cruelty Free we pride ourselves on having the most comprehensive list of cruelty-free companies in Australia. And also an app you can download here for free.

But it takes time to create a resource like this. Which is why we kindly ask you to consider donating to the community so we can continue our work to inspire, inform and educate more people just like you.

With your help, let’s re-define what it means to be beautifully cruelty-free.

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